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This appears to mainly be a continuation from 2016, with further refinements and a larger focus on ease of use.
Mobile first approach: This approach is one that Mark1 Labs has been working hard to perfect and subsequently emphasize to all our clients. It will see advertisers create more content in portrait for mobile, especially video and 360 video. This approach will lead to better engagement and brand sentiment.

Material design: Created by Google, it is a design language that attempts to simplify how users interact with the internet, especially on mobile. Many social media platforms have already adopted material design – such as Twitter and Whatsapp – and we can expect to continue seeing this.

Material Design in UI. Source: Ehsan Rahimi on Dribbble

Impactful text and bold photography: This is about less unnecessary imagery that serves to only fill space, and more strong text that is over-sized and modern. Font selection and colour choices are very important here. The collaboration of bold photography and sleek copy is becoming a more prominent trend.

Function before form: While this notion is not new in design, it is perhaps one of the most important things to remember. This year, however, it will remain particularly true and will be over-emphasized with many websites and products pulling back the design to the bare essentials, whilst ensuring that function is the most significant performer for 2017. As emerging technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality come into practice, it is essential that designers understand what action the user needs to take.