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The future for Android Apps is here, hold on and brace yourself for “Instant Apps.”

Instant Apps was announced at Google’s I/O developer conference last year and early this year they began testing with plans to roll out soon to your Android device.

But what are Instant apps?

Android Instant Apps is designed to streamline the process of installing apps. They are essentially bite sized sections of an app.

How does it work?

Let’s assume you want to use an app once or just a part of an app, but you don’t want to wait for it to be downloaded and installed, or even worse, you don’t have free space on your device.

With Instant Apps, you just tap on a link and you’re able to use that section of the app instantly. If you want to install the full version of the app, you still have that option. Bear in mind though, this won’t be a watered-down version of the app – it will still be fully functional and more powerful than a simple webpage.

Instant Apps Features:

  • Instant Apps respond faster than normal webpages.
  • It’s faster than normal apps.
  • It won’t take up storage space on your device
  • Reduces inconvenience of having to download an app when you only need a small part of it. (ie an online store app when you only want to make one purchase)
  • Instant Apps are fully Android compatible, for example, if you tap on “view map”, you will get the full Google Maps experience with that specific app overlay on top of it. So, no more waiting for a second app to open.
  • Instant Apps are hosted on Google Servers.

Get your apps ready for Instant Apps

The Software Development Kit for such an update isn’t available yet, but Google points out some important steps developers can take already, starting with trimming their apps down and supporting URL-based navigation.

My predictions:

I believe in just a short time, all apps will be working in the same way that instant apps are functioning, allowing users to gain access to any app in a few seconds as opposed to having to install loads of apps which you rarely, if ever, use after the first download.

Written by Anrich Vigus for Mark1 Labs